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Stepping into the world of gambling services can be a daunting thing. Here we will explain some key facts to help you make a choice and decision on what to play and where to play. This is all about your online casino experience and our mission is to make that the best experience you will have playing.

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2Royal Vegas
3All Slots

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Before looking at the available South African casinos out there, there are a number of things to be aware of and to understand. Having a plan going forward will help you to make smart choices and better decisions. When you have a plan when it comes to gaming, you are able to win more and cut your spending. The goal of any online gambler is to make a profit, sure the idea is to win big, but it’s not worth the cost if your profit is very minimal. So, keep this in mind, patience is key, understanding and knowledge of the environment is a powerful tool that can give you an advantage over the casino online.

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It is only very recently in the history of online casinos that it has now become available to players in South Africa. Prior to 2017, most of the sources for gambling came about from sports betting and the South African national lottery. The choice was limited to these two things and now it has radically changed.

The update of the law has dramatically changed the online gambling landscape for good. Now players are able to enjoy a variety of gaming features that bring life-changing jackpots, all paid out in ZAR currency.

Through our guide and this entire platform dedicated to secure online gambling, you will be able to enjoy these riches, experience new and exciting games and feel the high emotions of winning on your favourite titles. This guide will also have separate articles linked within, head through to them to read more on certain subjects as we expand on the information you need to know. Play free games from these links, find rules about games, learn strategies and discover the top 10 online South African casinos to join for the year ahead.

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If you feel you are ready to play now, then you can head to our special reviews' page and take a look at the top casinos online to join. But first, you can learn why these sites are making the grade and recommended by us to you. What makes a site the best south African casino? What goes into making a platform more secure than others? These questions are constantly asked by! We discuss here the laws and facts of the websites that are providing players with online gambling features, the chance to cash out thousands upon thousands of Rands from one or many different casino games.

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As mentioned, the laws were updated recently to adapt South Africa’s gambling laws to a more modern world. This was done by the National Gambling Board that looks over the processing of online casinos that are coming in from overseas. Yes, even though this is an online experience, these casinos are based abroad and have to meet the right criteria in order to provide their service to South African players. These criteria can be found online within the NGB own website:

Casinos must be registered overseas for players to join and to be within the laws of gambling online. No online casino can be registered within South Africa and, therefore, this is the reason dozens of sites are coming into the African market.

These casinos are licensed by regulatory bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission. With these licensed and through check by the NGB, they are then allowed to provide a service to the players within the Southern regions of Africa.

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The best casinos online have a unique structure and the formula is simple to understand. Once you have a licence and access to an open market, casinos will gain the interest of online software developers. These are the people making the games. The more games you can get the more appealing the site becomes. The bigger the site the more free offers, more offers equal more players and this snowball effect happens. With this comes better security, more new game releases, tournaments and so on.

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The right online casino will have this structure, if it doesn’t it will not be able to compete in the market. Take your time to read the reviews in the top 10 listings to learn about what each online casino can offer you. Discover what you can play, read about what banking services you can take advantage of to deposit and withdraw your winnings. Learn of the many promotion’s players are able to claim soon as they sign up.

You will find inside of the top 10 list exclusive welcome bonuses that will allow you to play free online casino games. Use these to lower the risk of loss and to gain assistance in boosting your profit margins.

You will be able to access thousands of online slots, live games of blackjack, roulette and poker with these offers. You can place bets on the biggest sporting fixtures and you will still have access to lottery games.

Find the best casino for you and discover the new range of possibilities that can change your life forever, should luck favour you. Enjoy and the best of luck playing.